10 great tips from WhizBang! Retail Training

10. Create great merchandise signs. Good signage is like having an extra salesperson on the floor. Make shopping easier for your customers by using as many signs as possible.
9. Add higher price point merchandise to your holiday mix. Your Christmas gift-giver may be willing to splurge and spend more on luxury items during the holidays.
8. Think stocking stuffers! They don’t have to be cheap, they just have to be small. Sign them in place or group them in a stocking stuffer display.
7. Pre-wrap best-selling items. Take one thing off their to-do list! The easier it is for you customer, the more they’ll buy.
6. Do a demo. Find something in your store that’s easy to demo… a cool way to tie a scarf, a pump of scented hand lotion, a fun game to play. Doing a demo makes it easier to engage with your customers and helps them make a buying decision.
5. Increase your store hours. It seems self-evident, but the longer you’re open during the holiday season, the more sales you’ll make. Sure, you & your team will be tired, but it’s only for a few weeks.
4. Keep a close eye on your best sellers. Running out of your most popular items not only costs you sales, it’s also bad customer service.
3. Play sales games with your team. Nothing will boost sales more than a motivated, well-trained team. Playing sales games will keep them focused on the most important job – helping each customer get the Perfect Purchase.
2. Sell up. ‘Tis the season to be generous, so make sure your team is always showing your better-quality merchandise. Both the gift recipient and your bank account will be happy!
1. Add-on to every sale. Make sure your team is using every opportunity to suggest add-ons to your customers. This simple act alone will generate many thousands of dollars in sales.