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Meet The App That Loves You Back

Buying local is more than just a mantra. Buying local is a cause. It is supporting the community that you have come to know and love. Celebrating what makes this area so unique and what you love about living here and doing business here. Retail Alliance began developing LOVEVASM in 2013 as a way to… [Read More]

Member Spotlight: Jensen Apparel

Jensen Apparel was established in 1986. They have two operations, one at 2615 Elmhurst Lane, Portsmouth, VA 23701, and a second at 1201 E. Lee Hwy, Chilhowie, VA 24319. Apart from manufacturing USA made t-shirts, they also offer custom decorating, screenprinting, digital printing, and embroidery. We asked owner Thomas Jensen about his business. What made… [Read More]

S.O.S. – Stretch Our Staff

Contributed by Margie Johnson, ShopTalk and Retail Alliance Board Member Many of today’s highly competitive retail formats are all floundering during this dramatic shift in “consumer thinking and expectations” of businesses for both physical and on-line stores. While consulting with small and large businesses around the country, I am convinced that business owners can have… [Read More]

Member Spotlight: Jake’s Place

Jake’s Place was established May 2004 on 21st Street in the Historic Ghent District of Norfolk. The inception of Jake’s Place began as the male counter part of the already established Changes Hairstyling and City Spa Company, offering the men of Hampton Roads a Spa to call their own. We had a chat with owner… [Read More]

Member Spotlight: Anthony & Company Hair Design

After relocating from Massachusetts where he ran a salon and was a member of the Massachusetts Fashion Hair Committee, Anthony opened his first salon in Norfolk in 1980 to be closer to family. Owner Anthony Taflambas shares his experience. Describe your business and the products/services you provide. Our main goal is to provide services our… [Read More]

Hurting Local Businesses … With Each Mouse Click

Op/Ed Published in Virginia Pilot June 15, 2014 Co-authored by Virginia Retail Federation representatives, Ray Mattes, President/CEO of Retail Alliance and Nancy Thomas, President/CEO of Retail Merchants Association. Some have proposed a revenue collection system requiring online shoppers to pay taxes to the state and locality where the product is housed, not where the shopper… [Read More]

Legislative Update: Ms Anderson Goes to Washington

Contributed by Andrew Vehorn, Capital Results, Richmond Retail Alliance Board Member Alison Anderson, owner of A. Dodson’s, joined retailers from around the Commonwealth and the nation in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday, June 11th for a Small business fly-in to lobby Congress on e-fairness legislation. Joining Anderson were Sarah Paxton and Andy Thornton, owners of La… [Read More]

Are you a local love-vah?

Tap into your evangelistic passion and support for local businesses to manage our Buy Local “LOVEVA” program. We are searching for a fulltime member to join the Retail Alliance Team. The aim is to grow our membership in a program that will help build our Hampton Roads economy and connect consumers with local businesses. This… [Read More]

The Corner Post: Diffusing a Difficult Situation

Regardless of the business we all have had our encounters with disgruntled customers. In retail it’s inevitable, no matter how wonderful your products are or how committed you are to provide the best customer service, problems do occur. Try to diffuse a difficult situation with the following tips: Stay Calm and Non Emotional – When… [Read More]