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Member Spotlight: Coastal Benefits Group, Inc.

Greg and Kitty Broermann started Coastal Benefits Group, Inc. with zero clients. A non-compete/non-solicitation clause in Greg’s prior employer’s contract meant he was unable to contact any former clients. Regardless of the challenge ahead, they started their journey as Independent Insurance Brokers. Fast forward five years, The Broermans couldn’t be happier with their decision. When… [Read More]

There Is Nothing So Stable As Change

We all have heard the term, “out with the old and in with the new”. As retailers this adage applies to new inventory, floor plans, visual merchandising, store re-fits, signage, etc. Typically these types of changes are met enthusiastically with hard work and dedication knowing that the end will justify the means. In reality, most… [Read More]

2015 NRF Retail Advocates Summit

VRF representatives attended the 2015 National Retail Federation (NRF) Retail Advocates Summit in July. This was a great opportunity for the Virginia retail voice to be heard in Washington. We had several members attend and meet with members of congress on many important issues. VRF representatives met with Congressman Brat, Congressman Rigell, Congressman Scott’s Staff,… [Read More]

Ray’s Corner Post: A Story of Love and Miracles

I would like to step out of the Cornerpost for a moment to share a touching story about the personal journey of a good friend of Retail Alliance, Tom Kinerk, owner of Jeness Uniforms. Tom was very active on our Legislative Committee; thoughtful, insightful and a tremendous advocate for retailers. Like most retailers, throughout his… [Read More]

SEO: Don’t get lost in the Search – Improve Your Website Rankings So Your Customers Find You First

Contributed by Jocelyn F. Peña, My Business People LLC (MyBizPPL) What if everyone you met today was actively seeking your products and services? And what if these people were able to meet with you first, ahead of your competition? Would you consider those people a “desirable audience?” Of course! That’s what Search Engine Optimization (SEO)… [Read More]

Support your local businesses and community today!

Support your local businesses and community today by downloading the LOVEVA app. LOVEVA is the app that loves you back. By shopping at local retailers, you not only put money back into our local economy, but you earn get rewarded for it too! Earn hearts for every purchase at any participating retailer. Earn 10 hearts… [Read More]