Archives for November 2015

“Read the Street” Your 7 Seconds to Impress by Margie Johnson, Retail Consultant, Shop Talk

Think of a time recently when you were “strolling along a downtown” or “in a mall” and suddenly felt yourself being “pulled” toward a specific retail store or restaurant. Do you remember what got your attention? Was it the storefront colors, store signage, an attractive store window display, some action or movement that caught your… [Read More]

Member Spotlight: The Mermaids’ Porch Bed & Breakfast

Located in a lovely Queen Anne Victorian home built in 1898, The Mermaids’ Porch Bed and Breakfast in Portsmouth is quickly becoming the traveler’s home away from home. Dawn Richardson’s vision is for the bed and breakfast to “feel like you’re visiting your favorite aunt. You’ll immediately feel comfortable, slightly spoiled, but not intruded upon,”… [Read More]

Legislative Forum Re-cap

During the month of September we held two Legislative Forums for our members. We had a panel of Hampton Roads Senators at one forum and a panel of Hampton Roads Delegates at the other. Our legislative participants included Senator Alexander, Senator Cosgrove, Senator Wagner, Delegate Davis, Delegate Lindsey, Delegate Taylor, and Delegate Villanueva. We are… [Read More]

Ray’s Corner Post: Multitasking vs Task Switching

As business owners and managers, we find ourselves taking on multiple responsibilities. I know from personal experience that my mind is not wired to focus on multiple things at one time. In fact, while writing this article, I have had to politely send several people away until I’m finished. With limited time, multi-tasking is something… [Read More]