Archives for February 2017

Member Spotlight: Bubba-N-Frank’s Smokehouse BBQ

Whether you like a sweet St. Louis BBQ or you err towards a vinegar-based North Carolinian sauce, Bubba N Franks Smokehouse is the place to go! With two locations in Carrolton and Hampton, this is a true small business that has become the heart of their community. The restaurant is owned and operated by Richard… [Read More]

Retail Alliance Board of Directors Appointed February 2017

The following board of directors for Retail Alliance were elected or reelected in February 2017. For photos, please visit our Board page. Hampton Roads’ Retail Alliance board elected new officers, three new board members, and re-elected directors. The 2017-2018 officers are: Joe Taylor (Taylor’s Do It Center), Chairman of the Board Ben Willis, III (Willis… [Read More]

Member Spotlight: Modern Femme

In the past century, much has changed for women in America. In 1916, women couldn’t vote, were expected to stay home to raise children, and couldn’t even open their own bank accounts. But now in 2016, the landscape has changed and now women are pursuing their professional and relational dreams. However, that is not always… [Read More]

Member Spotlight: The Adventure Park at Virginia Aquarium

The Adventure Park at Virginia Aquarium is a unique gem in our community. The amazing aerial park features climbing and ziplining like no other place in the region. On a stunning six-acre property in Virginia Beach, you can find fifteen trails that accommodate the youngest beginner to the most experienced adult. The park opened in… [Read More]