Retail Alliance are excited to announce that Hauser’s Jewelers in Newport News is the recipient of the 2020 Lifetime Achievement Award.

“Hauser’s Jewelers encapsulates all the elements that we look for in our Lifetime Achievement Award winners”, said Ray Mattes, President/CEO of Retail Alliance. “Their endurance, reputation, product quality, and community involvement are all characteristics to be admired and rewarded in any business,” Ray Mattes commented. “We are thrilled to be presenting our Lifetime Achievement Award for 2020 to the fifth generation and current owners of Hauser’s, Amy and Brad Hart.”

Upon receiving the news of their award, Amy responded, “As the fifth generation, I feel honored to accept the Lifetime Achievement award on behalf of Hauser’s Jewelers. It was the hard work and resilience of four generations before me that has made all of this possible. I feel a tremendous amount of gratitude for the foundation created so I may creatively build upon it.”

Hauser's Jewelers family

Since 1898 when Alfred Jacob Hauser, Sr. opened his first watch repair store on the 100th block of 26th Street in Newport News, the Hauser family and their brand has been a mainstay in the jewelry business in the Newport News area.

2020 marks the 122nd year in business for Hauser’s Jewelers in Newport News. Amy and Brad Hart credit their passion and community for the continued success of their family-owned store.

As Amy describes, “At Hauser’s Jewelers, we are a full-service retail jewelry store with a passion for quality. We only want the best for our customers, which is why we go to great lengths to find jewelry they won’t see everywhere, jewelry that is made with care.”

Hauser's Jewelers storefront photo

“We have been invited to participate in some of life’s most beautiful moments.  Our success has been a result of us building relationships and knowing our customers. That has been ongoing since Hauser’s originated in downtown Newport News,” Amy stated.

Amy recognizes her parents as being her biggest influencers and mentors throughout her life, witnessing the creation of a business built on quality, trust and relationships.

One way to share her passion for both her family and her customers was to create her own line of jewelry. Inspired by the carefree, adventurous spirit of her children, Amy Hart created HAUSER’S BE HAPPY, crafted in 18K with diamonds.

Relationships with their team is also incredibly important to the Harts. “You are only as good as your best employees. Our employees have a strong sense of community and only want the best for our customers. They are the reason we continue to thrive, and we couldn’t do it without them.”

Their commitment to their staff and to their customers also extends into to the wider community. “We have always striven to enrich the community in which we live,” Amy went on to say. “We love and support so many local charities and organizations. I personally want to shop in a place that cares about the community in which we live and work.”

Previous Lifetime Achievement Award winners are: 2019: Norma Dorey; 2018: Ben Willis; 2017: Cary Patrick; 2016: Decorum Furniture; 2015: Goodman & Sons; 2014: Dan Ryan; 2013: Mary Barnett.