Center for Retail Excellence

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Got a dream?

Retail can help you live it!

Would you like to make money doing something you love? Stop and consider the possibilities of running a retail business. Retail organizations come in a variety of forms and sizes and deliver to customers everything from lawn mowers, to art, to clothing, to food, to, quite literally, the kitchen sink. Retail offers unique opportunities for people to live out their passions and is one of the most egalitarian industries in our country. A person can come from any economic, educational, cultural, gender or age group and be a successful retailer.

The Center for Retail Excellence serves aspiring and existing retailers by providing education and training services focused exclusively on retailing.

We work to be the premier source for retail education and support, developing and delivering programs that empower people to successfully participate and engage in retail business activities. We focus on providing programs that are practical, accessible, and affordable. We want you to:


Retail provides opportunity to live out your dreams and interests. Are you interested in the arts? Start a gallery, art supply store, or a studio. Love cars? Open a repair service or parts store.


What does it take to get started? What must I know to get a retail business off the ground? We have the answers, with classes and programs tailored to the nontraditional student.


As with anything, there are factors that support the success of retail businesses. We call those factors, “The Seven Pillars” of retail success and they are the basis of all our programs.

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