Equifax Sales Agent – Consumer Credit Reporting

Consumer Credit Reporting

Advancing your business with trusted data and expertise

Continuous Equifax enhancements deliver unrivaled insights, speed and precision

At Equifax, we’re focused on you—advancing your business, making it more profitable and secure. We never rest and continuously enrich and develop our data, technology and analytics to quickly show you the biggest possible picture of opportunity and risk.

Far more than data, you get fresh, relevant insights you can trust to help you better understand your customers and securely grow your business.

More Predictive Data

Maximize opportunity; while mitigating risk

Consistently top-ranking in key areas of predictiveness, coverage and currency. Equifax data is unmatched in its ability to provide you with a deeper, more precise understanding of consumers so you can better manage immediate and long-term profitability.

More than ever, lenders and other service providers use credit history to make decisions about extending new credit or providing services. Experts agree that checking a credit report regularly is the best way to reduce delinquency and increase opportunity.

As an exclusive sales agent for EQUIFAX, Retail Alliance Business Solutions serves business customers throughout Virginia and Northeastern North Carolina. Retail Alliance Business Solutions is the only direct source for EQUIFAX credit service in Virginia.

EQUIFAX services include: