Who’s Who on the Retail Alliance Staff

Raymond J. Mattes, III
Jenny Crittenden
Senior Vice President
Kate Baker
Lobbyist, Virginia Retail Federation
Matt Boyer
Executive Vice President, RA Business Solutions/Credit Reporting Services
Amy Cardona
Vice President of Sales, RA Business Solutions
Beth Cook
Member Relations Advisor
Jess Haley
Member Relations Advisor
Jeff Joyner
Regional Vice President – NC/SC, RA Business Solutions
Ross McClintock
Account Executive, RA Business Solutions
Abe Murphy
Account Executive, RA Business Solutions
Tiffany Watson
Account Executive, RA Business Solutions
Tiffany McGee
Development Director, Retail Alliance Foundation
Ashley Miller
Sales Support & Marketing Coordinator, RA Busines Solutions
Beth Parsons
Executive Assistant
Chava Lind
Executive Assistant
Abby Schiano
Marketing & Events Coordinator
Kylie Ross Sibert
Vice President, Corporate Communications
Margie Smith
Director of Financial Services
Rhonda Zentkovich
Building & Facilities Manager

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