Who’s Who on the Retail Alliance Staff

Raymond J. Mattes, III
Kate Baker
Lobbyist, Virginia Retail Federation
Matt Boyer
Executive Vice President, RA Business Solutions/Credit Reporting Services
Amy Cardona
Vice President of Sales, RA Business Solutions
Beth Cook
Member Relations Advisor
Jeff Joyner
Regional Vice President – NC/SC, RA Business Solutions
Ross McClintock
Account Executive, RA Business Solutions
Tiffany McGee
Development Director, Retail Alliance Foundation
Ashley Miller
Sales Support & Marketing Coordinator, RA Busines Solutions
Joey Morgon
Marketing & Communications Manager
Beth Parsons
Executive Assistant
Abby Schiano
LOVEVA Marketing Coordinator
Kylie Ross Sibert
Vice President, Corporate Communications
Margie Smith
Director of Financial Services
Rhonda Zentkovich
Building & Facilities Manager

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