Who’s Who on the Retail Alliance Staff

  • ray-mattes_headshot2

    Raymond J. Mattes, III

    Ray has a long history with Retail Alliance and has experience leading both the for-profit Business Solutions (offering Equifax credit reports and credit card processing services) and the non-profit Association. Ray oversees operations for all areas of Retail Alliance while also being very active in the community. He has served as chairman of the Board... [Read More]
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  • Kate Baker

    Director of Government Affairs
    Kate Baker is the Director of Government Affairs for Retail Alliance and the Virginia Retail Federation. Kate emphasizes the importance of retail members sharing their experience and opinions with decision-makers as they consider regulations and laws which impact the retail industry each day. She is a licensed attorney and a cum laude graduate of the... [Read More]
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  • Margaret Ballard

    Consultant, Government Affairs
    Margaret brings considerable association/non profit experience to her job as advocate for retailers on the local, state and federal legislative fronts. She officially retired in 2013 but has remained as a valued consultant to the advocacy team. Margaret is very active in the community, having served on several boards both locally and regionally. Margaret has... [Read More]
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  • Matt Boyer

    Vice President, RA Business Solutions/Credit Reporting Services
    Matt Boyer is the Vice President of RA Business Solutions. He is a graduate of Old Dominion University’s College of Business and Public Administration. Matt has served in several roles involving credit and marketing for over 10 years. In his current role with Retail Alliance, Matt oversees the Business Solutions/Credit Reporting team while managing strategic... [Read More]
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  • amy-cardona_finalheadshot

    Amy Cardona

    Account Executive, RA Business Solutions
    Amy Cardona serves as an Equifax Account Executive. Amy supports banks, credit unions and finance companies. She is a graduate of South University with a Masters in Business Administration. She has over thirteen years’ experience in customer service and business management. Originally from Fairfax, she currently resides in Chesapeake. She is also very active in... [Read More]
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  • briana-carter_headshot

    Briana Carter

    Customer Support Associate/Marketing Director, RA Business Solutions
    Briana Chaney Carter is the Sales Support Coordinator for RA Business Solutions who works diligently to build relationships and assist in the strategic planning of providing excellent customer service to all Equifax clients.  She is a recent graduate of The College of William and Mary where she studied both marketing and art and art history. ... [Read More]
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  • Selina Foreman

    Member Relations Advisor
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  • Linda Lim

    Accounting Assistant
    Linda started her Retail Alliance career with the credit bureau back in 1994 in customer service. Since then, she’s gained experience in a variety of roles, from mortgage verification to employment verification. She moved into accounting in 2008 and is responsible for account payables, receivables, payroll, and our customer relationship management software. She lives with... [Read More]
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  • Susan Moore

    Director of Center for Retail Education
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  • Beth Parsons

    Executive Assistant
    Beth is the engine of Retail Alliance, serving as Secretary for RA’s Board of Directors, heads up the Loss Prevention Task Force and is the Association’s key administration support. She has vast experience across numerous industries, from financial to navy contracting. She enjoys spending time with her grandchildren. She graduated from ODU with a Bachelor... [Read More]
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  • chris-resendez_headshot

    Chris Resendez

    Account Executive, RA Business Solutions
    Chris is one of our Equifax Account Executives and works hard to build relationships with banks, credit unions, and other small to medium size companies. He has over 10 years of experience in marketing, advertising and business development. While working in both media and radio, he managed major local and national account portfolios and created... [Read More]
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  • Kylie Ross Sibert headshot

    Kylie Ross Sibert

    Vice President, Corporate Communications
    Kylie comes from the land down under and apart from craving her Aussie foods, she’s loving her life in Virginia Beach with her husband and children. Kylie is responsible for all marketing and communications for Retail Alliance including development of strategy all the way through to implementation. This incorporates media relations, member communications, branding, buy... [Read More]
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  • Joyce Smith

    Membership Director, Southside
    A New Jersey native, Joyce moved to Norfolk in 2009. She is passionate about her members and in making sure they get the most ouf of their membership with Retail Alliance. Her focus is developing the Southside membership base but she has friends throughout the region. Joyce enjoys spending time with her son and his... [Read More]
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  • Margie Smith

    Accounting Manager
    Margie is responsible for managing all of the association’s finances including membership dues, budgets and much more. She also oversees our CRM system and all Human Resources management. Born in Texas, she moved to Hampton Roads in infancy and has lived here ever since. She loves spending time with her nieces and nephews and enjoys... [Read More]
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  • Alexandra Walker

    Communications & Events Assistant
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  • Rhonda Zentkovich

    Building & Facilities Manager
    Rhonda is in charge of the Retail Alliance building, including all of the maintenance. She is also responsible for setting up for meetings, working with SCORE (sub-tenants of the building), and helping everyone out in the office! Originally from Pittsburgh, she’s still a diehard Pittsburgh Steelers, Pirates and Penguin fan and likes to follow Nascar... [Read More]
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