Affiliate Organizations


Retail Alliance is a proud member of the American Independent Business Alliance (AMIBA) and has been a member of their large network of individual business, alliances, trade organizations, and communities since 2012. With a shared dedication to promoting the importance of buy local campaigns and enhancing local support of small businesses, both AMIBA and Retail Alliance are non-profits with the goal of launching an initiative in Hampton Roads that supports the retailers that are a part of the backbone of our local economy.


After Independent We Stand, a group created under the umbrella of small business champion STIHL was started, it was clear that the organization shared many of the goals and visions of Retail Alliance. Independent We Stand has proved to be a powerful organization that focuses on helping small businesses across the country thrive – both economically and in their community. Independent We Stand and Retail Alliance have proven to be effective partners. Independent We Stand has worked to educate communities about the benefits of buying local; Retail Alliance has focused on empowering businesses through similar education targeted at developing long term successes.