Buy Local Month is a campaign to raise awareness of the importance of supporting local businesses who are the backbone of the local economy. The sense of place that we have here in Hampton Roads, all that makes us unique, is largely thanks to our small businesses. Where we meet to dine with friends, where we take our out of town guests to visit, where we buy gifts, where we enjoy craft beers are all what build our culture.

Each dollar you spend at an independent business returns 3 times more money to our local economy than one spent at a chain. From November 15th through December 15th look for the 17 localities of Hampton Roads to celebrate the impact small businesses have on the region’s culture, economy and character.

Why Buy Local Month?

We must invest in what we value, or else risk losing it. When you support locally-owned businesses, 45% of those dollars spent stay within our community as opposed to only 14% when choosing to buy from non-local businesses. This influx of revenue is essential for local business growth, strong schools, improved infrastructure and an overall increased quality of life. A healthy local economy helps to make Hampton Roads such a unique place to call home!

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Allow us to introduce you to some other Buy Local holidays you may not be as familiar with in order to spread the love out over several days and draw more engaged traffic into your store.

Plaid Friday

Plaid Friday, the new Black Friday, falls on Friday, November 27. LOVEVA will be asking buy local fans to wear plaid to show solidarity with local businesses whether they are out shopping or not. You could have a great give-away or discount to those who come in wearing plaid. Why not stretch Plaid Friday out over the next four Fridays? Do you sell something with plaid print? Highlight the item each Friday, make it a fun experience.

Shop Small Saturday

A great number of Americans are aware of Shop Small Saturday that officially occurs on November 28th this year. However, customers like to celebrate and feel a part of a larger cause when it comes to supporting local businesses. Amex recognizes that we can’t crowd into shops on one day and the message they are promoting this year is “Shop Small All Season Long”.

Continue to use the day and hashtags to remind folks to #thinklocalfirst and be a #localLOVEVA.

Artists Sunday

There is perhaps nothing more personal than the gift of the arts. And artists have an equal share of difficult time with closures. Ideas on ways to celebrate includes promoting the local art in your shop, invite an artist to display work at your location or do a fundraiser for a local art group. Museums will be celebrating these days as well!

Cider Monday

On Monday November 30, enjoy Cider Monday. That’s not a typo! Instead of Cyber Monday, a day when big box stores offer special deals, we invite you to a new tradition. Small businesses could offer cider and good cheer. This is also a great opportunity to introduce your e-commerce channel, talk about your new website, or how to order through your social media pages. This is a great holiday to remind consumers that they can shop online and still keep dollars in their community!

Giving Tuesday

Next up is Giving Tuesday, December 1. We know a lot of you support local charities, so this is a great time to get together with them and do a cross promotion. “When you make a purchase this week, we will donate 15% to Survivor Ventures who provides survivors of human trafficking with the resources and support needed to attain economic empowerment.” “When you shop at The Royal Chocolate, they will donate 15% to our organization!” It’s a win-win. Everyone wants to find a wonderful gift and give to a worthy cause with one purchase.

These holidays can inspire you and the public to stretch out the holiday shopping season, so it is safe and fruitful. Every week we will be highlighting and celebrating these special days to make them last the whole month long. This will also give them more awareness in the years to come.

We know it’s going to be an interesting season so let us inspire you! We are here to help with STRIVE workshops, graphics and social media to point consumers to think local first.

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