Buying local is more than just a mantra. Buying local is a cause. It is supporting the community that you have come to know and love and keeping our dollars circulating in the community.

Through LOVEVA, the goal of Retail Alliance is to provide a tool to retailers and other small businesses across Hampton Roads that rewards consumers for shopping locally.

The app and website, as well as the extensive marketing campaign, provides businesses with a loyalty program, directory of local businesses, plus metrics to measure the effectiveness of LOVEVA in their overall marketing efforts. Businesses are able to use the app and website as a way to let the local community know what it is that they do to make Hampton Roads a better place.

By connecting businesses and consumers, LOVEVA has the power to change the way we all shop. But what makes the LOVEVA program so special is the network it creates.

This program isn’t about one local business encouraging consumers to think about the importance of local first. Instead, this program is cooperation of local, like-minded business owners who have banded together and put the cause first. By creating a program that lets all businesses join together, they are able to harness the power of many – and put it to the best possible use.

Hampton Roads is a region that has been recognized for being made up of citizens from all over the country…but LOVEVA is uniquely Hampton Roads.

We aspire to contribute every day to your success.

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