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Corner Post: How to Frustrate Your Customers This Holiday Season

Customers can make or break your business. A frustrated customer can have very negative effects on your reputation and your bottom line. Making sure some key operations and policies are put in place well before the busy holiday season may just save you heartache and money. Here are a few ideas to get you started:… [Read More]

Ray’s Corner Post: Our Hats Go Off To Our ROTY Winners!

Our tenth Retailer of the Year awards started off with a crash. A crash of thunder that is! Fortunately, the storm that passed through the Norfolk Botanical Garden was over before we had eaten our first hors d’oeuvre. The beautiful weather held throughout the cocktail hour and the gazebo was the perfect setting to view… [Read More]

Ray’s Corner Post: Molding the Future Generation

I would like to share a couple of thoughts when looking to hire holiday help, particularly the hiring of teenagers. Hiring teenagers provides an incredible work experience for our youth. It teaches responsibility, accountability and work-life balance. I know as a youth I had a morning paper route for four years, worked at the Riverview… [Read More]

Ray’s Corner Post: Developing a Sound Retail Financial Plan

Let’s discuss the development and role of a sound “financial plan” when preparing to launch a successful retail operation. First off, the financial plan is incorporated in the business plan, the financial plan should provide facts and figures showing how fast the business is expected to grow and how that growth will be funded. Keep… [Read More]

Ray’s Corner Post – A New Year, A Renewed Focus

Another holiday season, another year. Wow, 2015 has been a whirlwind! The staff of Retail Alliance is in the final stages of reviewing 2015 and planning for 2016. Looking back, we can take stock in several initiatives that we hope have impacted our members positively. The Retail Breakfast Club has had two very successful years… [Read More]

Ray’s Corner Post: Multitasking vs Task Switching

As business owners and managers, we find ourselves taking on multiple responsibilities. I know from personal experience that my mind is not wired to focus on multiple things at one time. In fact, while writing this article, I have had to politely send several people away until I’m finished. With limited time, multi-tasking is something… [Read More]

Ray’s Corner Post: A Story of Love and Miracles

I would like to step out of the Cornerpost for a moment to share a touching story about the personal journey of a good friend of Retail Alliance, Tom Kinerk, owner of Jeness Uniforms. Tom was very active on our Legislative Committee; thoughtful, insightful and a tremendous advocate for retailers. Like most retailers, throughout his… [Read More]

The Corner Post: Funding the War of 1812 – BPOL

In the War of 1812, the United States took on the greatest naval power in the world, Great Britain, in a conflict that would have an immense impact on the young country’s future. Causes of the war included British attempts to restrict U.S. trade, the Royal Navy’s impressment of American seamen and America’s desire to… [Read More]

Corner Post: Mobilizing Mobile

Happy New Year to you all from all of us at Retail Alliance! Thinking back over 2014 while looking ahead to 2015 I am struck by the evolution of today’s retail shoppers and how technology continues to shape the retail landscape. The most impactful development with consumer spending continues to be the advent of mobile… [Read More]

The Corner Post: Spreading The Love

The launch (October 1st) of LOVEVA, our “Buy Local Campaign”, is fast approaching. In order to promote the campaign on a regional basis, our marketing strategy is to target all generations through marketing initiatives such as events, social media and traditional mainstream media. During the last several weeks The Rogers Group, our advertising agency, has… [Read More]