Legislative Update: Retail Alliance Outreach To Local Government Reaps Results

      Virginia Beach Retail Alliance government relations staff is in discussions with Commissioner of the Revenue Phil Kellam about BPOL tax on gas retailers. Gas retailers are hit especially hard by the BPOL tax. When the price of gas goes up, these businesses actually lose money on the BPOL tax. Kellam is interested… [Read More]

e-Fairness – Origin Sourcing: Bad for Business, Bad for Virginia

Online retailers continue to exploit an outdated legal loophole to forgo collecting and remitting state and local sales taxes.  This puts local businesses like our members at a distinct competitive disadvantage in the marketplace, robbing local communities of economic growth, jobs, and civic engagement. Imagine you are a consumer: you are looking to buy a… [Read More]

The Corner Post: Why Can’t the Government Act Like Retailers?

As an independent small retailer, can you imagine… Not having to balance your checking account? Not having to communicate with staff, vendors or landlords? Shutting down your business during the most important quarter of the year? Spending more than you earn? Ignoring the debt as it grows year after year and then wondering; “wow how… [Read More]

Retail Spending in Hampton Roads Remains Flat*

Retail Spending in Hampton Roads Remains Flat* Hampton Roads retail sales (measured through the 1% local sales tax), remained relatively unchanged between May-2013 and June-2013, at $1.77B per month. Although this is the highest level reached since Feb-2012, it lags 3.8% below the region’s peak sales of $1.83B in February-2007. Hampton Roads has outperformed Virginia’s… [Read More]

Retail Pulse: Local Mother’s Day Retail Sales Fall Short of National Forecasts

This Retail Pulse Mother’s Day Edition tracked shopping trends in Hampton Roads, which stores benefited from higher sales, and the consumer’s willingness to participate in seasonal purchases. According to the NRF’s Mother’s Day spending survey, consumers were projected to spend an average of $168.94, up 11 percent from last year’s $152.52. Total spending was estimated… [Read More]

The Big Fix: The Retail Angle on Transportation

The Governor’s new transportation proposal has become THE hot topic in this year’s General Assembly. Is this proposal a Band-Aid solution or will it cure the transportation crisis? The governor is proposing several changes as it relates to funding transportation: Eliminating the current 17.5 fuel tax per gallon. Increasing the sales tax by .08 cents… [Read More]