Pop Up Shops – The Ins and Outs

With Amazon being the latest retailer planning dozens of pop-ups across U.S. shopping malls over the next year, if you’ve not already done so, now is the time to take a serious look at this growing phenomenon. Small and large merchants are embracing the pop-up trend, both online and physical retailers alike, with the pop-up… [Read More]

RA Business Solutions: A Letter to Retail Alliance Members

My colleagues and I at RA Business Solutions frequently find ourselves explaining our role as it pertains to Retail Alliance and Equifax. Though we never shy away from telling the story about how Business Solutions grew from serving as the local credit bureau to what we are today, we realized how this could be a… [Read More]

Preparing for the 2015 Holiday Season

It’s that time of the year again: the kids are back to school and the countdown to the biggest retail period of the year has begun. I hope that you have already started your preparations for the 2015 holiday season but, in any case, it’s always a good idea to make sure you’ve prepared and… [Read More]

SEO: Don’t get lost in the Search – Improve Your Website Rankings So Your Customers Find You First

Contributed by Jocelyn F. Peña, My Business People LLC (MyBizPPL) What if everyone you met today was actively seeking your products and services? And what if these people were able to meet with you first, ahead of your competition? Would you consider those people a “desirable audience?” Of course! That’s what Search Engine Optimization (SEO)… [Read More]

The Power of Social Media for Small Business

I attended a social media training session the other day and the first thing the speaker said was that he was not a social media expert. Uh excuse me? You’re supposed to be educating me about social media yet you say you’re not an expert? That seemed crazy to me. But by the time the… [Read More]

Your Selling Success Formula

BY JERRY V. TEPLITZ, J.D. Ph.D Have you ever tried to sell your product and you couldn’t establish a rapport with the customer? Have you ever emphasized something you thought important and your customer responded blankly? Do you find that some clients make slower (or faster) decisions than you think appropriate? Answering yes to any… [Read More]

Jumpstart Your 2014 Marketing Plan with 5 Critical Questions

This blog from Right Source Marketing sets out some great pointers for getting your marketing plan in order for 2014… Many businesses spend the last quarter of the year planning for the year ahead. Whether or not you have completed a strategic plan for 2014 here are some questions that can help you better address… [Read More]

Making Messages Count

Author Ann Wylie (excerpts from an article first published in Public Relations TACTICS, October 2013) Here are some numbers to consider when writing copy for Web pages, blog posts and status updates on social media. 50 percent: That’s how much shorter your Web copy should be than your print copy, according to a 1997 study… [Read More]

Holiday 2013: How to translate fewer days into more revenue

Author: Retail expert Shelley E. Kohan Based on this year’s unique holiday calendar, brick-and-mortar retailers will need to focus on how to translate fewer days into more revenue, and it won’t be easy. Let’s first take a quick look at the calendar: 1.   Only 26 shopping days between Thanksgiving and Christmas What does this mean?… [Read More]

The Best Way to Draw Crowds to Your Store This Holiday Season

Small retailers looking to gain an edge this holiday season can follow these three tips from American Express OPEN Forum: Host Events An owner of a home decor store plans to host several events between Thanksgiving and Christmas to help increase holiday sales. She plans to participate for the third year in American Express’ Small… [Read More]