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The Certificate in Retail Operations (CROps) walks a participant through the considerations necessary to start a retail business. The online program is broken up unto seven topic areas (each 2 weeks in length) representing each of the Seven Behaviors of Retail Excellence. Upon successful completion of the full 14-week Certificate, participants will:

• Produce a comprehensive business plan that will serve as the capstone assessment for successful completion of the program.
• Have had opportunity to begin the establishment of a professional network for future information, support, and motivation.
• Have developed a basic “toolbox” with which to face the challenges of operating a successful retail business.

Each of the 7 topic area classes can also be taken individually. These classes are 2 weeks in length focused on a specific topic area. Subjects are as follows:

Retail Accounting
Marketing and Advertising
Merchandising and Inventory Management
HR Management
Loss Prevention and Security
Business Planning
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