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We realize there are a lot of questions you may have, and we are working on adding these to this site. In the meantime, please contact us through our contact form and we will respond asap. Thankyou!

How long is the course? 14 weeks for complete Certificate course or 2 weeks for each module.

What are the topics covered? Visit the Classes page linked here

Do I have to pay upfront? As class sizes are kept small, seats are at a premium. Full payment is required upfront unless you are a member of Retail Alliance and approved for a Retail Alliance scholarship, in which case you are required to pay $100 deposit, refunded on completion of course.

Will these classes be repeated again? The next cohort will commence January 31, 2022.

How do I apply for the Retail Alliance member scholarship? If you are a member of Retail Alliance, reach out to your Membership Advisor for more details.

Where are the classes held? Visit the Classes page linked here

Is this for brick & mortar retailers only? The Certificate is designed for all types of retail.

Is this the same type of course as other entrepreneurial and training offered throughout the region? This Certificate has been specially designed for the retail industry. There are many great courses available throughout the region and also online but we have kept ours focused on retail topics.

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