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Three expert marketers will join us for a special STRIVE Masterclass Panel on Marketing. Together they will answer all the questions you’ve always wanted to ask about marketing, time permitting of course!

Mason Murawski of Murawski Photography will be on to answer questions related to photography and video marketing. Learn how to get great photos of your products, the importance of using video to reach your customers, and more!

He will be joined by Michele Harrison, Moxie Design, who will talk about graphic design and print marketing. She’ll answer such questions like, “I found an image online, can I use it?” and “raster, vector…what does all that mean?”

Last but certainly not least, Erica Rice of Erica Rice Digital Consulting will round out our trio by bringing her expertise in website and digital marketing to the table. She will help you figure out what web platform to go with, how to get more people to visit your website, and so much more!

Please send any questions you want to be answered to communications@retailalliance.com.

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