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Why more than ever do we need to understand the art and power of making true connections? Because networking feels unappealing and human connection is what we really seek! Think of being able to Connect and Collaborate with Congruency as “loyalty glue”. That glues is what then holds and engages your professional network, employees, and customers, towards supporting your business.

Join Elizabeth Duncan-Hawker, Growth Consultant/Award-winning speaker/Bestseller author, as she discusses connecting in ways that build true relationships. Social distancing and restrictions have crippled many people’s ability to stay engaged to the point they are overlooked. Yet, as we return to being in-person more, awkwardness and loss of former real connections can also arise making being in-person even more confusing. Learn how properly applying The Power of Connecting to boost your customer experience, sales, network, and friends, making you (and your business) memorable!

About Elizabeth Duncan-Hawker

Elizabeth is a business growth strategist whose passion is to help businesses and individuals optimize their strategic advantage. She brings 20 years of experience as the executive director of strategic programs for a multi-million dollar medical company. She specializes in providing a fresh look to identify your company’s differentiators and next steps. Under her leadership, she delivers custom strategic solutions to improve customer and patient experience. Happier Customers = Increased Referrals = Increased Profitability.

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