STRIVE workshops have been created monthly and are available at no cost to members ($10 non-members) on topics of interest for today’s retailers and other small businesses. These 1 hr 15 min workshops are held virtually over Zoom with recordings made available to members.

Subject Matter Experts share their expertise and advice, with participants provided at least three things they can implement right away in their businesses.

Topics are designed to be focused, timely and practical, frequently coming from the suggestions of our members.

Upcoming STRIVE Workshops

STRIVE Workshop: Social Media Metrics

May 18 @ 9:00 am - 10:15 am

This virtual workshop will teach you how to understand and monitor the metrics and insights Facebook provides through their Business Manager and Ads Manager platforms. Rusty Waddell and Ruslan Makhmudov, Studio Center, will explain how to navigate the platforms, expand on their purpose, and show how to interpret the data provided in a useful way.

Bill Forbes, Risk Management Director & Facility Security Officer, Goodwill, will go over what business owners need to keep in mind when looking for shoplifters. He will explain in detail what indicators you can look for and what tactics shoplifters are implementing to steal from you. --- About Bill Forbes: Bill is the Director of

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