STRIVE workshops have been created monthly and are available at no cost to members ($15 non-members) on topics of interest for today’s retailers and other small businesses. These 1 hr 15 min workshops are held in-person at Retail Alliance headquarters with live stream and recording capabilities.

Subject Matter Experts share their expertise and advice, with participants provided at least three things they can implement right away in their businesses.

Topics are designed to be focused, timely and practical, frequently coming from the suggestions of our members.

Upcoming STRIVE Workshops

Resiliency and Decision-Making in Uncertain Times: From Fear to Hope to Freedom

There’s no doubt that we are in unchartered territory in the history of the world. People globally are trying to find their center, a sense of normalcy, and resources to guide them through a “new normal” to a sense of stability and certainty.

For business owners in industries that are greatly or fully reduced in their ability to operate their businesses and generate sales (brick and mortar storefronts that have been ordered to temporarily close, restaurants that can only provide take-out, event planners, etc.), the impact is immediate and great.

FEAR is a natural reaction to change and uncertainty. But it is also what will keep you from saving your business where it is possible. Because FEAR shuts down your brain’s ability to think clearly, make effective decisions, adapt appropriately, and take productive actions to move you towards the way through this PAUSE.

Local, award-winning Mind Hack Coach, Lisa Smith, will be hosting a live Zoom webinar on Tuesday, March 31st from 9:30-10:30 AM to give you perspective, guidance, mental shifts, and resources based in her 24 years of working with the neuroscience of optimal performance and the teachings from her own high-level business and mindset coaches.

In this 1-hour live presentation, Lisa will help you:

  • Understand the Role of Fear—how it helps and how it hinders us, and how to use it appropriately
  • Take into consideration the new rules and the new playing field
  • Understand and work with the Universal Laws of “Cause and Effect” and “Polarity” (the equal and opposite sides of everything—including poverty and wealth/problems and solutions)
  • Learn how to make decisions based on Principles and Truth, not Fear
  • Realize the importance of cohesion, unity, working together and helping others in times of crisis
  • Use gratitude as your #1 resource and attitude to access the ideas you need to take action on
  • Learn how to use proven, neuroscience-based practices to tap into your inner resiliency so you can move out of fear and engage your higher brain’s executive functions (optimism, creativity, reason, logic, problem-solving, effective decision-making) and bounce back more quickly from setbacks to keep moving forward

We are all looking for a sense of hope right now, and a way to feel in control of our circumstances—or at least our actions and outcomes. We can’t wait for something or someone to save us. We must become our own heroes.

With the teachings, understandings, and inner resources Lisa will share in this session, her intention and commitment are that you will leave with a new sense of optimism and hope for your business, your self, your family and your future, and additional resources to support you along the way.

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Emergency Business Planning 

Presenter: Bernd Haase, The Alternative Board

With the very fast onslaught of the Coronavirus threatening to disrupt business operations through the region, there are three ways you can face the future: panic, do nothing, or plan. As a TAB Business Coach, Bernd’s goal is to guide business owners through these tough times and help navigate the uncertain waters…and the best way to do this is to plan, making the situation under your control as much as possible.

By now you have probably read all of the communication from your local, state and federal governments on how to prepare for the actual virus itself, and hopefully, you are moving forward with those preparations. We won’t go over that here. The question remains, though – what should you, as a business owner or responsible manager – do to prepare YOUR business?

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STRIVE Workshop – Email Marketing

April 7 @ 8:30 am - 9:45 am

NOTICE: Due to the Coronavirus, we are moving our April STRIVE Workshop to online only. In addition, we are making this STRIVE free for non-members. 

This month’s STRIVE Workshop focuses on email marketing. We’ll show you how to use email marketing to reach your customers, improve sales, and increase customer interaction.

Attendees will walk away with at least three to-dos they can implement immediately in their business on various trending topics.

Three Takeaways:

  1. How to construct your email
  2. A list of ways to collect email addresses
  3. How to set up an account for mass emailing

STRIVE Workshops provide local brick & mortar retailers a monthly one-hour in-person or live streamed workshop that focuses on topics of interest in today’s retail environment. For a retailer to succeed they must become a destination for consumers while also wearing many hats and holding a multitude of responsibilities as a business owner.

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