lindseygermono_photoImagine this: you’re a small business owner who knows your retail business backwards and forward. You know your client profiles, you know how your inventory moves, and you know the areas you’d like to improve in. The normal questions surrounding marketing and advertising surely pop into your head … How do I get my business in front of new prospects? How can I use social media to engage with my existing clientele? How can I identify opportunities in the marketplace to showcase my services? But the one that keeps you up at night: How will I find the time and resources on a small business budget to research, plan and manage all of the marketing aspects of my business?

Enter Germono Advertising Company. Lindsey Germono, founder and president of Germono Advertising Company, is a Norfolk native and lifetime resident of the area. She is a 2003 graduate of Old Dominion University and received her MBA from Regent University in 2015. She was recently named to the Board of Directors of The MilSpo Project, a non- profit that empowers and educates military spouse entrepreneurs through live leadership events, online resources and local chapter meetups.

While working locally as an advertising executive for broadcast and cable television, she would regularly hear concerns from businesses related to marketing and advertising. That’s when she knew she wanted to work on a larger scale for her clients – across all platforms, not just in television. That’s when her idea for becoming a small business owner was born.

“I really saw an opportunity to do something different with my agency,” Germono says. “I wanted to focus on the complete marketing and advertising needs of small to medium businesses – whether that be consulting, training, helping them navigate traditional media options as well as the new media that’s coming into play. If they didn’t have a marketing department, or even if they had a small one that was overwhelmed, I wanted to be a viable option for them. I wanted them to have the time to run their business well.”

germono advertising_photoRecently, Germono has taken steps to grow her small business with even more experienced talent. While Germono’s background was primarily in television, she has recently brought on Nikki James Zellner, a proven media consultant and strategist in print, digital and outdoor marketing with just under 20 years’ experience in those industries.

Expanding the business was necessary, as one of the fastest growing segments of Germono Advertising Company’s services are its custom Marketing Coaching Sessions. These sessions are tailored to the business’ needs – and can range anywhere from learning marketing best practices to coming up with monthly social media content calendars.

“Not every client needs the standard agency services of buying and placing media,” Germono says. “Some just want in-depth conversations to help them understand a specific aspect of marketing better. We want to be the kind of agency that can help with both.”

Contact Details:

Founder and President: Lindsey Germono
999 Waterside Drive, Suite 2525
Norfolk, VA 23510

(757) 777-3780