As I continue my adventures around Hampton Roads looking for great local businesses for LOVEVA, I am constantly in awe of just how many areas make up Hampton Roads, and how many great local businesses there are! Although they all have their own personality and individual contributions to the community, there are several things they have in common.

First, they make their communities better by their very presence! I am always impressed by the stories of how they contribute to their schools, ball teams, cancer fundraisers and so much more!

Second, they are constantly forced to compete with the larger stores down the street – the challenge to stand out and be seen! In today’s marketplace, small businesses must constantly adapt to new ways of promoting their business, to rise above the competition.

With over 25 years of marketing experience, I have a unique perspective on how marketing has changed over the years. The message is the same – showcase your product or service and attract your target! But, boy oh boy, the method of communicating that message has changed and continues to change almost daily!

Twenty-five years ago, websites were the latest and greatest – “the internet may be big” they said! In today’s economy, if you don’t keep up (almost daily) with the trends on social media, you are obsolete! This presents a real challenge to the small business owner – maintain daily business operations AND post on Instagram and Facebook on a regular basis, and even use videos? It can seem a bit daunting! WE ARE HERE TO HELP!

The LOVEVA App is just one tool to add to ongoing marketing efforts. It’s our goal to truly partner with small businesses in their efforts to “keep up” and help your marketing efforts go a little farther. Simply tagging Be a Local LOVEVA can multiply your efforts. We would love to promote your events and activities on our own social media and in newsletters.

In addition, we offer affordable marketing opportunities with outside agencies throughout the year, including ad placement, commercial spots, and more. Retail Alliance offers monthly STRIVE workshops for full members, many of which are geared towards marketing and social media. Bottom line – we are here for you. We want to be a valuable resource for your business – but it’s up to you. Let’s work on that PARTNERSHIP!

With love,

Teresa Villorente,
Your local LOVEVA rep