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Client Appreciation Day just passed on April 16th! Did you reach out to your clients with a gift to thank them for their business? Giving thoughtful gifts might not be high on your list of priorities but we think it’s a small investment with the potential for a big payout down the road.

5 reasons we think client gifts are a good idea:

  1. Thank your clients for their business. At the end of the day, your clients are the reason you’re in business. A thoughtful gift will have a greater impact than a text that says, “thanks!”.
  2. Remind them you’re available for business. Maybe you have some clients who you haven’t worked with for a while and want to reach out. Giving a gift is a great way to catch their attention without being “salesy” or asking something of them.
  3. Finish out their experience with great customer service. It shows the client you are generous and care about individual relationships. You aren’t just looking for their money, you care about a long-term business relationship.
  4. Help your business stand out. Going beyond a generic greeting card with a signed name will make your business stand out and make the client feel special. Make it a gift they will want to tell their friends about and post on social media.
  5. Gain referrals. Not only will they remember you over time, they will be more likely to refer you other business.

Do you have clients who are perfectionists? Scrambling to think of what you could give them that they won’t toss in the bin? Take our advice. When assembling a gift for your clients, make sure to include the following:

  1. Treat of some sort
  2. Keepsake item
  3. Everyday item that already fits into their lifestyle

For example, Opus Wealth Management Strategies in Norfolk, VA recently asked us to create luxury corporate gifts for a happy hour raffle for a group of dentists. We quickly assembled some ideas that felt like game night essentials or holiday hosting gifts. Because the dentists are primarily male, we assembled gender-neutral gifts that would appeal to men.

For the “treat”, we added locally crafted bourbon chocolates from Cocoa Nouveau and Tarnished Truth Whiskey. The Road Soda recipe book and locally hand-crafted bottle openers easily make for keepsakes; while the Three Ships coffee, Palo Santo and matches are practical, yet special, everyday items.

To make the boxes extra unique, we sourced almost exclusively locally made products in their boxes. The gift items were arranged in handcrafted wood keepsake boxes and, for the finishing touch, we incorporated their business logo and contact info on a tag that we then attached to the gifts.

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“I love the spotlight on local favorites.” – Opus Wealth Management Strategies

If you follow these steps, not only will your clients be impressed but your brand will stand out and your clients will feel special. Still overwhelmed? We’re here to help! Stop by our shop or head to our website at www.wanderfulboxes.com and we will help you create a box of your client’s dreams.