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During the past year, we have all had so many challenges and major changes and many of us have found ourselves working from home, whether it’s occasionally, part-time, full-time, or a hybrid work environment. Bottom line, the home office is as popular, and necessary, as ever. Creating a work-space customized to your needs involves addressing key criteria such as space available, and the type of work you do. Assessing a few key criteria will allow you to determine if you need to make minor tweaks to an existing workspace or major changes to create an environment to increase productivity, but more importantly, your overall happiness and well-being.

The space where you work in your home may be a dedicated room with a typical desk “set-up” including desk, filing, credenza, etc. allowing for separation from your work life and home life…good for you!! You may be utilizing a living room, den, dining room, especially if there is more than one person in the household working virtually, and you’re ready to reclaim the area for its originally intended purpose.

Decorum photo - compact desk

There are many sofa/console tables which can accommodate a laptop and we, at Decorum, have several stylish compact desks starting at an 19” depth, 47” length and laptop drawer and it looks just like a sofa table.

In my opinion, comfortable seating is one of the most important criteria in working anywhere, especially from home. A really comfortable chair can prevent lower back, neck, and shoulder pain. For short term use a comfortable dining chair may be fine, but chances are if you are seated for a while and have lots of keyboard and data entry, an office chair with features such as an adjustable back support, seat height adjustment, arm height adjustment can fit your body size much better. One vendor even offers a sliding seat depth and extra wide seats. This same manufacturer just introduced a massaging lumbar feature that feels incredible. Decorum’s showroom has a large selection, and many options to choose from.  Once you have selected your chair, we usually receive it within 2 weeks. I even received a pair of chairs in 3 days after I ordered them…remarkable in today’s world.

Decorum - photo of chairs
Decorum - photo of stand up desk

Let’s talk about the work surface you need. Obviously, it varies based on the space allowed and the workload you do. I mentioned some of the compact solutions that you can fit in any room earlier, but most desks have varying sizes and configurations. The height adjustable desks start at 48” widths and can go up to dining table or meeting table size. The “sit-stand” desks are increasing in popularity and there are many finishes and materials such as micro-etched glass (no fingerprints) and solid wood handcrafted in Vermont.

This manufacturer has a monitor stand option that will elevate the monitor off the top surface freeing up space. They will even produce a desk with up to two monitor stands, as many people require in today’s world.

Lighting is a critical feature in a workspace. Most task lights and floor lamps now come with LED bulbs which have ample lighting and uses minimal amounts of power. Many people neglect this very important factor and tolerate poor lighting for way too long- don’t do it!!! A new lamp could help you see things in a whole new light!

Your workspace at home should reflect you and your personality more than ever, so don’t be afraid to infuse color, or artwork that makes you happy and reflects your personality.  I’ve received many requests for artwork when people realized what was behind them during their video conferences. Remember you are bringing colleagues into “your world” more than you were in a traditional office. Don’t be shy about creating a surrounding that represents you. And don’t be shy about asking one of our designers to help you explore options. After all, you’re going to be there awhile. Stop by and let us help you get there.

~ Shawn Griffey, Buyer/ Merchandise Manager, Decorum

Decorum - stand up desk with adjustable screen lift