1. Buy local and avoid package theft altogether!

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  1. Buy online and pick up in-store/curbside where possible.

Many stores offer their products online and you can pick up in the local store or from curbside.

  1. Ship it to work.

Keep your package off the porch in the first place. If your company allows, consider shipping your packages to your workplace instead of your home.

  1. Ship it to Amazon Hub

If you buy something through Amazon and don’t want to leave it on the porch, they offer two ways to pickup instead of delivery – self-service lockers or assisted counter locations. Lockers are located at supermarkets, convenience stores, banks and other nearby locations. Counter assisted pickup is where you can pickup your packages from nearby retail locations like convenience stores and pharmacies.

  1. Enlist a neighbor’s help.

Do you have a neighbor or a friend that’s usually home? If so, see if they can wait for your package or keep an eye out for it.

  1. Require a signature.

Consider requesting a signature for your package to be dropped off. That way, your package won’t be left on your porch exposed to potential thieves.

  1. Be proactive.

On the other end, if you’re the one sending a package, ask who you’re sending to to share information on the safest way for them to receive deliveries.

  1. Take advantage of alternative delivery options and alerts.

FedEx, the U.S. Postal Service and UPS all have alternative pickup and delivery options available. Visit their websites to explore your options and update your delivery preferences. You can also sign up for delivery alerts to track your package and stay up-to-date on delivery times.

  1. Keep your porch clear and visible.

It may seem counter-intuitive, but if a thief has no place to hide, they’re less likely to take the risk of going up to your porch in the first place.

  1. Ask for your box to be nondescript.

Consider marking the “gift” checkbox when you purchase so the package comes in a plain box. You can also request this of friends and family so your box doesn’t grab attention.

  1. Find strength in numbers.

Neighborhood groups on social media or community apps like Nextdoor can provide your neighborhood a system for reporting suspicious activity to each other.

  1. Get technical.

Consider investing in low-cost technologies like automatic light timers and motion-censored lights.

Or spend a little more money and invest in a home security device. Signs announcing the presence of a home security system can go a long way in your efforts to scare off a thief.

Strategically-placed security cameras, or devices like video doorbells and lock boxes, can also go a long way in mitigating package theft and have increased in popularity for their ability to catch thieves in the act.

As long as you’re shipping products to your door, there’s a chance your package will be a target. Use these strategies to deter package theft and finally get rid of porch pirates for good.


WAVY TV 10 recently asked us what consumers can do to protect themselves this holiday season from “porch pirates” (people who steal packages from homeowners’ porches). Check out the story here!

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