It is time to start gearing up for the 2018 General Assembly Session which begins January 10, 2018. This year is a long session lasting 60 days. Your VRF team will be at the Capitol every day during this time period representing the voice of retail in Virginia.

In 2018 we expect to encounter many of the same issues that have arisen in the past. These include: minimum wage increases, mandated paid sick leave, ABC issues, felony threshold for larceny, and many other issues that impact the retail industry. Please keep an eye out for our weekly VRF Advocate Emails during Session; this is where you will receive an in-depth look at what takes place during Session. We also provide a bill list of issues we are tracking. If you see anything on this list that has a specific impact on your business, please reach out to us.

You may also receive Legislative Alerts during this time period. This is where we ask for your help either by making a phone call, sending an email, or coming to the Capitol to testify on the issue that impacts your business. These Alerts are few and far between, so if you see one, make sure to read it and take action!