In a 2020 report, What Consumers Think of Loyalty & Rewards Programs we found some of the findings very useful as it relates to LOVEVA.

♥ 85% of consumers would like to be able to select the benefits and rewards. Done. LOVEVA lets consumers select a reward from whichever business they like.

♥ The main reason consumers participate in loyalty/rewards programs is for the discounts, however, they can be dissatisfied with the perception that rewards are not valuable or relevant. The takeaway here is to make sure your reward is, in fact, a reward for loyalty.

♥ The #1 cause of dissatisfaction consumers have with loyalty programs is the amount of time it takes to earn a reward.

We have an announcement! Beginning in early 2021, The LOVEVA app will change the number of hearts needed to earn a reward. Instead of 10 hearts, consumers will only need 5 hearts to achieve a reward. If you would like to change your reward email

We scanned this report to observe how together can make LOVEVA more relevant. If you want the full report to study, you can download it here.