Amidst all the press on big businesses closing their doors there lies an opportunity for small shops. Small shops can be nimbler than behemoth national chains and offer both quick and individualized service that a big box cannot.

Some of the recent retail research says: “The way to consumers’ hearts is through their smartphones.” “Keeping and rewarding loyal clients should be first on your list.” These can sound like daunting tasks to the independent owner. Creating app technology is expensive and punch cards are a thing of the past. We know that keeping and rewarding loyal clients is important. As millennials bring technology with them everywhere, loyalty programs are just an app away. And this is where LOVEVA comes in to make you shine. Retail Alliance has invested in this technology for small businesses.

One reason the LOVEVA app has been so valuable to our members is its ability to replace an old loyalty punch card program. For some retailers, it gives them a loyalty program for the first time. The best news is that Retail Alliance handles the administration, technology upgrades and advertising. The retailer just needs to stay active in the program by promoting it to their customers. Marketing materials, suggestions and training are all provided by LOVEVA. Deborah Aylesworth of Grape and Gourmet in Virginia Beach said at a recent Retail Happy Hour, “This app makes us look good. It makes us look professional and so much bigger than we are today.” It is precisely this type of collective support that strengthens the program. It is very powerful to have diverse types of independent businesses come together to reward loyal customers with individual attention, backed with regional power. In the past three months, LOVEVA has surpassed 16,000 downloads, 100,000 transactions and won the COVA BIZ Best of Business, Best Local App. What’s not to love?

Any questions, please contact Lisa Renée Jennings, LOVEVA Program Manager at