LOVEVA Update: 2016 Year End Wrap-up

Happy New Year y’all! We hope you had a wonderful holiday season. 2016 was a great year for us and we’re looking for 2017 to be even better. As you may know from the last Retail Angles, we’ve grown usage by over 200 percent which is a pretty big deal! We averaged more than 500 new accounts a month and more than 100 hearts earned every day. That’s a lot of dollars staying in the local community!

LOVEVA Numbers Dec 2016

Our 2016 holiday co-op advertising campaign has come to another very successful end. We had over 625 :15 second commercials air this year on WTKR and WAVY during the holiday season. We received a TON of great feedback about the commercials from our businesses, other members, and consumers.

We need to thank Farm Fresh, Jamestown Feed and Seed, A. Dodson’s, TowneBank, Willis Furniture Company, Clothes Mentor (Newport News), Once Upon A Child (Newport News), MacArthur Shopping Center, The Royal Chocolate, Taylor’s Do It Center, Care-A-Lot Pet Supply, EZ Ryder Pedal Karts, and McDonald Garden Center for participating this year. Thank you for helping us spread the message of choosing local!


In 2017 we plan to focus on growing the number of businesses participating in our program, increasing the number of businesses who are averaging at least 10 transactions per month, increasing the number of app users, and increasing our social media usage. By doing these things we will hopefully help your business by strengthening the LOVEVA community and creating more opportunities for you.

One way for LOVEVA to continue to grow in 2017 is through your business support. Not just you, but your employees too. Your team needs to be trained on how the app works, how to use the QR codes, how to give rewards, and how to answer some basic questions they may receive about the app and buying local in general. Katherine is more than happy to come and train any and every one! Just reach out to Katherine; we’re here to help you.

Come to us with issues, concerns, questions, or ideas. Please let Katherine know when you are having events so she can see where we can help! If you’re having an event and serving drinks in your store, she could provide some LOVEVA koozies for you. Let’s get creative!

We also ask that you share our posts on social media to your consumers. Read our LOVEVA-specific emails that we’ll be sending monthly so you know what we are doing and what you can also promote to your customers for the upcoming month. Remember, buying local supports not only your business, but local schools, charities, community and your family.