Retail Alliance launched the LOVEVA program in October 2014 with the goal of promoting and supporting local businesses to keep our dollars here in the Hampton Roads community. LOVEVA currently has well over 16,000 users with 342 participating local businesses in the app and growing.

We are proud to announce that LOVEVA has been voted the 2017 Coastal Virginia Magazine’s Best Of for Local App! It was always evident that this app promoted a great cause but we are overjoyed to receive such a public validation of our growth and importance to the local community.

We came, we saw, and we want to keep on growing the app by adding more local businesses. If you’re interested in becoming a LOVEVA business, please contact Lisa Renée Jennings, LOVEVA Program Manager, at or call (757) 965-3000.

Download app on Iphone here.

Download app on Android here.

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