After 8 years of helping consumers shop local, LOVEVA is cashing in its hearts for the ultimate reward — retirement.

LOVEVA has been an app-based Buy Local program under the Retail Alliance brand for eight years. COVID caused mandatory business closures and consumers to stay home, severely impacting app usage. Unfortunately, it has not regained the same traction it had pre-COVID.

Current users will have until December 30, 2022 to keep using the app, earning hearts, and redeeming their rewards.

Thank you so much for your support of the LOVEVA program and for shopping local!

We want to encourage you to see if any of your favorite stores on LOVEVA have their own loyalty or rewards program. Plus, with the holidays coming up, small businesses need your support now more than ever. So we hope you’ll use your remaining rewards to get great discounts and deals for your holiday shopping. We’ll also be emailing our Retail Alliance Holiday Gift Guide for more gift ideas on November 21 so keep an eye out for that!

We aspire to contribute every day to your success.

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