Member Spotight: ViewItDoIt

vanessa lane viewitdoitWe all want the best seat in the house and ViewItDoIt is giving its customers the chance to get just that! Using state-of-the-art technology and video, they capture events and meetings and broadcast them LIVE across the globe.

The business was the brain-child of Vanessa and Mark Lane. They took their combined experience in finance, academia, theatre and lighting design and created a dynamic and unique business.

“We started our business to offer consumers a way to experience a destination prior to arriving.” Vanessa explains, “The live interactive camera and virtual tours are a unique way for potential customers to get a general feeling of a vacation hotspot.” Over time their focus has changed to allow people to experience LIVE events in new ways.

The Lanes have continued to develop their camera systems so any customer can showcase an event from pretty much anywhere. With offices in Florida, Missouri, Virginia, and Europe they are a growing company with the ability to serve across the World.

However, building a business has not always been easy and has come at a cost. Time with family was sacrificed and lots of hard work went into their products. Yet, they have learned many keys to building a fulfilling and successful business.

“I try very hard to get tasks done on time and be realistic with my expectations.” Vanessa says. “There is always too much work to be done in the available time. There are always people with whom you should reach out to or follow up. A very honest communication dialogue is key in business as well are goals, limits, and follow through.”

Throughout their many years of operation, the Lanes have experienced many ‘highs’ including obtaining a patent on key pieces of technology. This process can be very expensive and very hard to achieve but teamwork and Vanessa‚Äôs strong management skills saw them through to success.

From wedding to corporate events, ViewItDoIt is changing how events can be attended and it is all happening in our backyard of Norfolk, Virginia. And the Lanes think all retailers have the opportunity to influence their industry. “Look at the financials, the logistics, the government regulations,” they say. “But most of all, look at yourself and ask yourself is this something you want to do. If you have the passion and drive, I truly believe anyone can make anything happen.”


Contact Details:

ViewItDoIt Inc.
Owner (s): Vanessa Lane, Mark Lane
3800 Colley Ave, #6101, Norfolk, VA 23508
(757) 672-7102