Is there anything more American than taking a road trip in an RV? From coast to coast, and everywhere in between, people of all ages are discovering the joys of RV travel. And lucky for us here in Hampton Roads, we have 757 RVs – right in our backyard! In this blog post, we’re featuring 757 RVs and their owner, Lori. So without further ado, let’s meet Bettie, the star of the show.

Written by Abby Schiano

Who is Bettie?

“Bettie” is a 2011 Coachmen Freelander that owner Lori Dunn rents out. Think of it as your run-of-the-mill Airbnb but add some wheels that take you anywhere. Bettie seats nine and sleeps ten. They offer a Safety-First guarantee and lovely accommodations with upgrades at no extra charge.

The name Bettie comes from a combination of Lori’s mother Bobbie and her daughter Jettie. Some of the name inspiration even came from Bettie White, in hopes that the RV will be around just as long.

Lori was born and raised in Virginia Beach and is a big advocate for supporting local. When booking your reservation with Bettie, you’re able to order local products directly from local businesses that the RV will be stocked with for your trip.

One challenge Lori has had to deal with is people not wanting to “camp” during the winter. But she wants people to see the value in taking a weekend trip away from responsibilities, not having to wear a mask, being able to cook what you like, and sleeping in a comfy bed all while getting to travel around.

What makes Bettie special?

What sets 757 RVs from other RV rental businesses? Lori was a flight attendant for 25 years before an injury had her retire. She loved taking care of her passengers – making sure they were safe and that they were receiving the best service possible. On Bettie, Lori supplies a lot of extra items to make her renters feel at home. There are items such as instant pots, air fryers, and popcorn makers for people that choose them at no extra charge. Lori says she truly is happy when her renters are happy.

In the future, Lori hopes to have a small fleet of different types of RVs. Some ideas are a pet-friendly RV and a tow-behind. She also plans to reach out to other former flight attendants that might have the same longing to take care of people and teach them what she’s doing. She doesn’t plan to franchise 757 RVs, but she would love to help others get started.

To connect with the community, Lori offers special discounts to church groups, military, teachers, nurses, etc.

When asked if Lori had any advice for those interested in starting their own business, she replied, “Figure out a way to do it that is uniquely your own – that expresses your creativity and your goals.  Make your business a happy place to be/thing to do and it won’t feel so much like “work”. And, as always – somehow, help others!  Collaborate with other local businesses, give discounts to people… Celebrate and Reward LOCAL!!!”