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Written by Kylie Ross Sibert

With many people still experiencing quarantine 15 (what people are calling their quarantine weight gain!), Ace’s Nutrition may be the ideal solution.

They are a community-based nutrition club in Yorktown where people come together for good health and nutrition. They offer healthy meal-replacement shakes, energizing teas, free wellness evaluations, coaching, body transformation challenges, community workouts, and much more.

“We specialize in helping clients achieve their health, fitness, and weight management goals by focusing on nutrition, exercise, and accountability,” said Ashley Fetty, owner of Ace’s Nutrition.

Ashley stands behind her beliefs that:

  • Eating healthy should have ease and be delicious.
  • Community lets us be brave.
  • Everybody should have a place to go where they feel at home.
  • Getting fit should be fun.
  • Taking our health seriously has ripple effects in our families, workplaces, and communities.
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She opened Ace’s Nutrition in September 2019 after working as a nurse for 13 and a half years. “I’ve always loved health and wellness and I wanted to create a space to help others. I didn’t realize but in addition to helping the community get healthier and happier, it’s also given me more time and freedom.”

Like many new businesses, Ace’s Nutrition struggled with getting new customers in the door, but their use of social media posts and tea drops to local businesses is helping them overcome this challenge. “We also set ourselves apart by providing truly healthy options along with free wellness coaching. We are also working on creating events inside our space.”

When asked if they would have changed anything at the beginning of their entrepreneurial journey, Ashley’s answer was, “To have had more time between completion of buildout and opening day. We will remember that when we reach our goal to expand and open more locations in the 757 area.”

Their advice to other business owners is to get training from others who have opened a similar type of business and to always be a student, always learning. v

Owner: Ashley Fetty
Ace’s Nutrition LLC
5005 Victory Blvd, Unit E
Yorktown VA 23693

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