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“Every day I see entrepreneurs, who just wanted the American dream, being taken advantage of by companies that aren’t backed with the same morals and ethics we have in our Beyond Promise,” Gerry Evans said. The Beyond Promise they make to their clients and team members is the pillar of their business and the foundation of their values.

But what is Beyond? From restaurant owners to dentists, Beyond partners with business owners to simplify operations. As your trusted partner, they’ll help guide your business to success using their suite of business tools and services. These tools include Merchant Services, Payroll, HR On Demand, Lending, Digital Marketing, Employee Management, and more!

“My aim is to help you streamline your operations and reduce costs,” said Gerry.”I work closely with businesses starting with a complementary meeting where I learn about how your back-office operations work today, and look for ways to improve revenue, processes or save money,”

“What makes Beyond different is our 10 Promises we make to every client, such as Protected Pricing (we don’t add fees or change rates), Flexible Contract Terms (Month to Month Contracts), No ETF, Transparent Statements, Exceptional Customer Support, A Greater Mission.”

And it seems they are staying true to their word. One of their clients, Cameron Patrick, General Manager of Kismet Bistro says, “The whole company and everyone I’ve worked with, you [Gerry] included, are so efficient and it’s such a nice change from our previous system or actually the industry in general.”
Gerry Evans is the local contact for Beyond and a business advocate for small businesses. “I actually spent 15 years in restaurants and wanted to become an entrepreneur myself,” she said. “A friend told me I needed to learn more about the back end of businesses before I tried it myself, and I fell in love with the ability to help small business owners and watch for their blind spots.”

Keeping her word and helping customers in exactly the way she said would be her greatest success, Evans reported. “There is nothing better than checking in with a client to see how they are and them thanking you for your help!” she said.

And that helps extends beyond her commitment to service. She describes giving back to the local community. “Chip-In is how my company works to support local non-profits and small business at the same time. Think ‘spirit night’ at the local cooperate chain, but instead those PTA members are running into your doors to spend $50 and give back 5% to their PTA. This can be set up for my merchants at a donation amount of their choosing. But if all the local football team’s parents shopped locally to support their team, talk about an amazing cycle of community funds!”

Gerry loves to meet new people but, as we all know, retailers are inundated with sales reps wanting five minutes of their time to try and sell them something, therefore it can be difficult at times to cold call on businesses. She says, “I can’t avoid it all together but I have been fortunate enough to develop a great base of customers in Hampton Roads that are willing to be references of how much I have helped them!”

Her advice for business owners is, “Research companies before you work with them and read contracts before you sign them—the whole contract.”v
If you’d like to find out more about Beyond, contact:

Gerry Evans
Beyond Business Solutions
700 Tech Center Pkwy, Ste 200, Newport News, VA 23606