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Tuan Bui has been homebrewing for more than eight years. His love for it grew so much that after his military career ended he turned his passion into a small business.

Brew & Bottle is your one-stop, homebrew supply shop. They can set you up to brew beer, wine, cider, mead, kombucha, and even soda! They carry ingredients, equipment, bottling supplies, and anything else you’ll need to craft your next brew.

Pandemic and Business Challenges

Although COVID has been a challenge for all businesses including Tuan’s, it did help in one way. Suddenly, everyone took up new hobbies – homebrewing being one of them. But despite the number of people drawn to his store to support their new hobbies, Tuan says that business challenges never really stop.

Tuan opened up to us about these challenges. “First, there is no checklist, no guidance, no preparation on what’s next as a business owner. Until you’re stable, the entire journey is a learning experience. I wish I knew about Retail Alliance before I went into business because I could’ve been better prepared on certain permits and certain requirements that you need.”

So what did he do to get through these challenges? Online sales. Tuan established a presence online to push his products and started using social media to forge relationships with his customers.

Future Plans

They’ve done so well, that they’ve made the move to expand into a brewery! So make sure you keep an eye out for 1700 Brewing.

Along with the brewery, Tuan is looking to offer a consignment and used area of the store. He also wants to offer classes and other seminars to invite brewers at all levels to come and learn. Linking recipes and techniques offered on the brewery side will also be available on the store side.

Business Advice

When asked if he had any advice for people looking to start their own business, Tuan replied, “Seek out forums or Facebook pages where you can ask questions to get advice and guidance. Retail Alliance is a good place to meet other business owners. Also take the time to go visit businesses that are similar to yours, and set up a meeting with the owner to talk about business and lessons you’ve both learned”.

We’re so glad that we’ve helped Tuan and his business, and proud of the success he’s achieved so far.

Written by Abby Schiano

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