Coaster Coffee was established in 2016 when the people of OV Church wanted to give back to their community in Norfolk. They created Coaster Coffee to generate the extra funds needed to help the hurting and rehabilitate people in need. The business operates as a non-profit, so all the money earned goes back into the community by feeding the hungry, building community gardens, teaching kids the arts, and helping people who are out of work secure employment.

Even if you’re not a fan of coffee, Coaster Coffee has something on the menu for you. They offer a wide variety of items, including over 16 flavors of coffee drinks, all sorts of tea, hot chocolate, frozen drinks like frappes and smoothies, and delicious Italian sodas. They also have tons of food options like mini quiches, vegan baked oatmeal, chicken salad, grilled cheese, and pastries!

The coffee shop came from the increasing demand for a neutral community meeting place in the greater Ocean View area. They pride themselves on being a safe and caring place for everyone, no matter their age, race, beliefs, or socio-economic standing.

Like many retailers, Coaster Coffee has been affected by supply chain issues. They’re having difficulties with shipping and the low availability of products. To combat this, they’ve been over ordering when products become available.

Coaster Coffee’s greatest success is being able to serve their community through the generosity of others, even through COVID. They never once had to close their doors. They connect with the community by trying to meet them where they are. Community gardens offer fresh and free produce to everyone around. Their Christmas Store and Easter Egg Hunt provides the opportunity to help families provide for their children when times might be tough.

To anyone thinking about starting their own business, Coaster Coffee has a simple piece of advice. “Do it. Take the leap. The rewards will ALWAYS outweigh the hardships. Every time”.

Written by Abby Schiano

Coaster Coffee

OV Church


8418 Tidewater Drive, Norfolk, VA 23518