Member Spotlight: Colley Ave Copies & Graphics Norfolk

colleyave_logocolleyave_ownersColley Avenue Copies & Graphics (CACG), Inc. was founded in 1997 by Joaquin and Holly Chacon. They currently have one location located in Norfolk and provide high quality prints, posters, vinyl, banners, color and black and white printing, book binding, signage, and graphic design services to a variety of both small and large businesses.

The Chacon’s are committed to building a foundation of customer trust by providing services based upon the needs of the client and not what they can sell them. The company’s success comes as no surprise, attributed to their “consistency, caring attitudes, a love for what we do, and the impact that we’ve made in the community.”

colleyave_crewThe Chacon’s decided to start their own business to control the flexibility of their schedules so they could be active in their children’s lives and school activities. Entrepreneurship was always in their plan. “We wanted to make our sweat and effort mean something to our communities and ourselves,” making the challenges they overcame mean that much more.

When initially starting the business, the main challenge they faced was obtaining the experience and information vital to running a small business. “We thought we knew what we were doing, but practical and educational experience are two different things.” Hands-on experience eased those difficulties along with their motto of “the only way to get through it is to never give up.” Now, with over 20 years of being in business, the Chacon’s can affirm that “owning our own business is the freedom to be involved with our family and community on a higher level. It has been the greatest education experience we’ve ever had.”

colleyave_Vinyl-InstallOne of the biggest challenges currently facing CACG is adapting and staying relevant to customers as print media is now secondary to digital media. Fortunately, CACG can relate to their customers making the journey to an effective solution a seamless process.

Joaquin & Holly are already incorporating 3D printing and other industry developments into CACG’s current and future business goals. They are not afraid of change, due to their desire to, soon, hand over the business and embark on a new business venture.

Through it all CACG impresses upon budding entrepreneurs to prepare a thorough business plan and above all else create and run your business based upon a “mission statement that remains true to who you are.”

Colley Avenue Copies & Graphics, Inc.
4211 Colley Avenue
Norfolk, VA 23507
Phone: (757) 440-4000