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Kaycee J. McCoy, Owner of Create/Captivate Digital Marketing is proud of her team of creatives that provide an array of services, workshops and one-on-one or group training sessions to small businesses. One of their core values is sharing knowledge, so they do their best to educate clients on basic marketing/branding principles as well as the various platforms and tools available to them. “We want everyone to be able to have confidence in their ability to hire the right company or team to help them with their website, social media, email campaigns, logo & graphic design, etc., even if it’s not us. We have a knack for breaking down the ‘techie’ stuff in a way that empowers our clients to make informed decisions.”

Kaycee says her business technically began in 2010, but with only one client for the first six years, “I really don’t count those first years. I was a freelancer and had an entirely different mindset. I had one big client for the first five years and for the majority of those years I was working 40+ hours just for him. It wasn’t until I started renting an office and established my LLC in March 2017 that I consider to be my ‘time in business’ because it truly was a different mindset.”

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Currently the most significant challenge facing the business is scaling it, and scaling a creative business is not easy! “I tried a few years ago to work with various contractors and I didn’t have the right systems or processes in place to make it work and it all fell apart. I took the entire workload on my plate for about eight months in 2018. When it felt like business was bursting at the seams, I hired my Marketing Assistant, Cara A. Being patient enough to wait until that moment and figuring out what kinds of skills would be most helpful has been a struggle, but Cara has been a huge asset to the company. I am reading a lot of business books, listening to loads of podcasts about business growth and I’m on the hunt for a good mentor who has scaled a company in the creative industry. I’ll exhaust every option and method until I figure it out!”

Create/Captivate has had some significant triumphs over the past several years, but they are most proud that they are not a cookie cutter agency. “We don’t think that every business HAS to have any type of particular service or combination of services. We work with our clients where they are at, with what they’ve got and (hopefully) their sales increase and they can afford more of our services as time goes on.  We pour our collective hearts and souls into our work and create something unique to each client.”

What advice would you have for others starting their own business? “Just start. Jump in, get messy with it and learn from your mistakes. It doesn’t have to be perfect or impeccably done. It’s better to be done than incomplete but potentially perfect. Even if you fail miserably and your business doesn’t survive very long, you have done something that the average person is too scared to try and that should be celebrated!”

Remote work has been a part of our operation for years so we have experienced a relatively easy adaptation to our new circumstances, thankfully.  The only true ‘pivot’ we have had to make would be that now all consults are held via Zoom video chat and our BizTools workshops are all presented in webinar format for free. We are still streaming our 5 Minute(ish) FriYAY videos on Facebook each week and have adapted our content to revolve around topics relevant to our current situation with the Coronavirus pandemic.

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