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Taking a moment for yourself can seem impossible at times. However, at Heart Felt Touch Massage Therapy in Gloucester, Virginia, they believe massage should be a way of life. Receiving a massage is not always about personal pampering but instead is one step that everyone can take for a healthier, more peaceful lifestyle. The benefits of massage run deep as it not only allows you to relax through the power of touch, but it allows your body to reset, allows your mind to rest, and with the incorporation of various techniques, initiates peace and balance on many levels. “Our vision includes that of restoration and healing. We provide the personal touch that makes our practice more than a spa treatment. Whole body wellness is our focus, so we offer a variety of massage therapy services to meet long term health goals.”

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Ginger Spencer began her career in 2003 and stays continually intrigued by the human body and its vast dynamics. Heart Felt Touch began in 2012 when she offered Compassionate Touch (CT) for a client’s father who had late stage Alzheimer’s. Since then, HFTMT has grown from her being the sole practitioner to a new location and increasing skilled therapist who offer therapeutic massage six days a week with many various therapies including relaxation, Integrative Therapeutic, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, and so much more!

“Building relationships with clients has been essential. We are a small, local business in a rural historic area, supported by an amazing main street. I find that every job I ever held prior to massage (flight attendant, waitress) was to make people happy, keep them comfortable and safe, and to offer hospitality.” The best part about owning your own business is being free to set your own hours, learning boundaries and sticking with them. Ginger notes, “I’ve enjoyed the process of building the business – the personal and professional growth, as well as the success and failures.”

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Ginger teaches Compassionate Touch (CT) and is a Certified Master Trainer for AGE-u-cate® Training Institute. Ginger is available to provide quality and sustainable dementia training for care-giving facilities, caregivers or any individual or organization that may encounter those with dementia. She offers the “Power of Touch” workshops to caregivers and stays involved in the community through events such as the Daffodil Festival and the Chamber Wine Festival.
Ginger’s advice to other businesses is to “find mentors and call them. There are so many people out there that want to see you succeed, so don’t ever feel like you are alone. Pace yourself and do what you want to do. Hire the people who do well what you cannot. Don’t give up!” v
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