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From high school to military, to stay at home dad for 16 years, and now adding the cap of entrepreneur and small business owner, Nelson Cage identifies with entrepreneurs and small business owners.

As the owner of his own small business, Innovative Capital Strategies, Nelson Cage, has been through the struggles of getting his own business funded and up and running. He often gets asked by small business owners if he can help them get capital for their business, to either start their business or grow their business. That answer is almost always yes.

His goal for 2020 is to help 1,000 small business owners gain access to capital to accomplish their dreams of business ownership. He guarantees a minimum of $100,000 for their business needs.

In order for him to achieve this goal, they are administering a grant funded program to assist small business owners in accessing capital. This is accomplished in two steps:

  • Identifying the right type of capital based upon all mitigating circumstances.
  • Meeting the underwriting criteria of the selected source of capital.

Cage mentions that one of the biggest challenges for his business is that, “About 60% of the population is sub-prime, so sometimes it takes a little longer to get that market approval.”

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“Our company’s biggest capital raise was over $1,000,000. It took about 14 months, but we were able to accomplish it.”

His advice to other entrepreneurs and business owners is to, “Never give up on your dreams of becoming a business owner. You can do it.”

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