In her early 20s, Lee Pasquale moved from South Korea to Virginia Beach to start a new life. Previously a graphic designer, Lee was influenced by her hairdresser to get involved in the hair industry.

“I saw this as an opportunity to meet new people and help people look and feel beautiful. My passion is fashion, and this gives me fulfilment,” Lee said.

In 1996, Lee opened her first salon in Virginia Beach. Like so many entrepreneurs, there were hurdles to jump when starting the business.

“My biggest challenge was managing my hours as an owner. I had a new baby, trying to balance family life, and starting a new journey was not easy. I quickly learned how to ask for help.”

She ended up finding much success as she was able to open her third salon in 2010. Lee believes in health and beauty and at Lee Pasquale Hair & Skin they stand by their dedication and creativity. “Without health, beauty does not exist,” she commented. “We offer quality products and a friendly atmosphere. We strive to give you a luxurious experience with a cutting-edge look.”

“Obviously, we’ve had to change our operations during COVID. We’ve implemented additional cleaning and sanitization between clients, our booking schedule has changed, and we are working longer hours than normal. But we have kept a positive attitude and have been educating ourselves with new services and products, while staying connected with clients.”

Having been in the industry for 30 years, Lee Pasquale has an eye for detail. She has built strong relationships with her clients and is not just their stylist, but a friend too. With her vast experience and knowledge, Lee loves to educate, not only her clients, but her staff too.

“Owning my own business, I’ve been able to create my own ideas, and no one is holding me back. I have gained more independence in all forms and have been able to share my passion with my clients and staff.”

A future goal for the business is to have more exposure to social media and to attract a variety of clients in different age groups. They would love to attract a younger group of clients interested in their services.

When asked what she wished she knew than that she knows now, Lee answered, “I wish I had more experience being an owner and spent more time learning how to manage employees and business.

She also gave this feedback to aspiring entrepreneurs. “I believe that you shouldn’t be afraid to take risks and follow your dreams.”

And at Retail Alliance, we believe that Lee is a great example of that.

Lee Pasquale Hair & Skin
Lee Pasquale
1618 Hilltop West Shopping Center
Virginia Beach, VA 23451

Written by Kylie Ross Sibert