Business owner, Cynthia Tyler, became involved in the travel industry a few years ago working in an administrative capacity.

The variety of options the industry offered, as well as the joy and adventure it brings to people’s lives, encouraged her to become more hands-on and work directly with travelers to create their travel dreams throughout their lifetime.

This was the start of Lets Pack & Go, Dream Vacations. Her business franchise “plans memories, lifelong travel experiences and simply Joyous Todays. If it’s time to get away, take a break with family, friends or just solo, Lets Pack & Go will tailor your journey and design it for your enjoyment.”

“This is still a new business venture,” Cynthia stated. “Like any new businesses, the challenge is to bring awareness to the community [that I offer this travel service].

“My aim is to educate the community on the value a Travel Specialist can be to their travel planning. I connect with the community by participating in community activities and networking with different organizations and associations.”

Cynthia’s advice to those starting a business is, “to be focused on your purpose for the business and work the business every day to build it and to meet your desired outcome.”

She continues, “My business focus is educating consumers on the value of taking time off and getting away. Also, partnering with businesses to be a benefit resource for their employees which will complement a company’s time-off policy which encourages personal time away from the office.”

Cynthia’s focus and passion for what she does has resulted in a successful start to her new business venture. As her first booking, she successfully planned a group international trip.

And she won’t stop there. Cynthia already has future goals in mind for the business including to be a benefit resource for a variety of businesses and provide group travel opportunities for people to get away.

Dream Vacations is part of the World Travel Holdings family of brands, the nation’s largest cruise agency and award-winning leisure travel company with incredible buying power with major cruise lines and many tour operators, resulting in exceptionally low prices and exclusive offers. Dream Vacations has been around for over 20 years.

How to get in touch with Cynthia Tyler:

Lets Pack & Go, Dream Vacations
Portsmouth, VA
(757) 797-6555