lilac lane flower logoIf your idea of a happy afternoon includes wandering through rows of eclectic antiques, local arts and crafts, and repurposed vintage finds, Lilac Lane is the place for you. Owner Kim Kellogg wanted a place where she could feature unique home décor as well as satisfy her creative muse. “I really wanted to create a place where I would want to shop,” says Kellogg. “Creating a personal, beautiful, comfortable home is one of the most important things you can do.”

Kellogg selects furniture, artwork and accessories that embody her relaxed, shabby chic aesthetic. Her business checks a lot of the boxes from current trends. She’s local, she’s green, and many of her pieces are retro.

lilac lane kim kellogg headshot“I really like the idea that I am giving pieces a new life that seem to have lost their purpose,” she says.

She also features several local artists in her shop. Some of them utilize vintage pieces to create new items—like handcrafted purses made out of classic ties and necklaces that have tiny bottles full of sea glass.

“I have so much fun connecting with local artists and featuring their work,” says Kellogg. “It’s so inspiring to me.”

Kellogg also indulges her own creative side by repurposing items many people would just throw away. One of her specialties is wall hangings created from distressed fence pickets. She adorns them with whimsical touches like sea shells, starfish and/or paint, and voila: a personal, distinctive addition to your home.

“It’s fun to find things that would otherwise just be junk, and turn them into beautiful pieces that will enhance your home,” points out Kellogg.

Another benefit to shopping at Lilac Lane is the personal touch Kellogg embodies—her clients know she will be able to find (or make!) what they want or need.

Lilac Lane classes“I love that so many of my clients have also become friends,” she says. “I feel so fortunate.” In that vein, Kellogg has capitalized on another hot trend—parties where folks get together, create some art and drink a little wine. At a recent event, Kellogg and her clients made adorable seahorse door hangers.

“We have such a blast,” says Kellogg. “It’s fun to find that creative side—kids get to color and paint and make art all the time. Adults enjoy it just as much!”

One of her main objectives for the business is that items are priced to sell—fresh inventory is critical to a successful vintage shop.

“You just never know what you’re going to find,” says Kellogg. “Every day is a new adventure.”

Visit Kim’s store at:

Lilac Lane
(757) 224-4644
197 E Mercury Blvd
Hampton, VA 23669