Member Spotlight: MasterTech Auto Care

mastertechlogoMasterTech Auto Care (MTAC) was established in 1995, but this current journey began in September 2011 when Stacy Butcher became the owner of MTAC. After working 15 years in sales within the auto industry, Butcher decided he wasn’t satisfied with working for others any longer, and that it was not worth the time spent away from his wife and two children. Work-life balance was a driving factor in the decision to take over an existing business but the transition proved challenging.

mastertech-orange-new-lotButcher decided to extend the shop’s service offerings beyond the original owner’s focus on European vehicles, to include domestic car repairs as well. It became a challenge to combat the negative reputation of the auto industry while still competing in an oversaturated market; over 10 competitors within a mile radius of his business.

Being a local shop and not a national chain added positive sentiment to their business as trustworthy and reliable, but there was a market segment that preferred national chains mainly because of the warranties. Consequently, MTAC aims to provide warranties on the same level as those of national chains through their NAPA nationwide warranty.

Throughout the years of operation, Butcher learned to analyze external factors such as fuel prices, weather, elections, holidays, and even tax season to account for sales fluctuations for added contingency planning.

In addition, an important take-away noted by Butcher for anyone interested in owning their own business is to be prepared to make that financial leap. Operating a business is no small feat, so an investment into hiring exceptional personnel and providing competitive salary and benefits is just as important as the bottom line.

mastertechshopButcher attributes the shop’s success to his technicans’ 30 years’ experience, its focus on customer service, and building long-term relationships. The commitment to great customer relations and retention carries over into the company’s present and future goals.

mastertechownersButcher and his wife, Samantha, aim to have MTAC operating at maximum production capacity within the next few years. It is also in the company vision to start a family business legacy by involving the children in the future of the business.

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