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Like many entrepreneurs, Michele Wesdock, started her career working for others. Before starting her interior decorating business, Moonefield Interiors, she worked in public relations and then in the public library.

“I’ve always been creative and have loved decorating my own home and helping friends with their own houses,” Michele said. “After encouragement from my mother-in-law, I went back to school and then started my own design business.”

She opened Moonefield Interiors in 2016 and offers full service residential interior design, space planning, furnishings and window treatments. “I often use vintage and heirloom pieces in my designs and specialize in a ‘collected over time’ look,” she commented.

Michele is a busy woman. In addition to wearing all hats at Moonefield (including all of the design work, marketing, ordering, product sourcing, and more!), she juggles working life with being a mom, as well as serving on the Board of Isle of Wight Community Foundation. “I work around my kids’ schedules and sometimes rely on carpooling to get them from one place to another.” In addition, she also makes sure she’s helping other local businesses. “I often use local seamstresses for window treatments and upholstery. I use a local moving company and warehouse. I source antiques and used pieces locally.”

When asked what she liked about owning her own business, Michele said, “The best part is having creative control and being able to work within my own vision,” she said. “I’ve learned to be more efficient and organized in all areas of my life because owning your own business demands a high degree of self-discipline. It’s not always been easy, but I’ve learned that taking the time to develop good habits is worth it.“

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A challenge she really enjoys is being able to create a room that’s visually beautiful but also practical enough to handle everyday life and the chaos that comes with it. “Helping a client realize their vision for their home is extremely rewarding,” Michele shared. “Often my clients know what they want but aren’t sure how to get there. My work is unique because I use vintage pieces collected from a variety of sources that help add life to a space. Your home should never look like a furniture showroom!”

“While I like helping clients ‘rehab’ their existing spaces, I’d love to do more projects that involve taking a room or home design from an initial concept all the way through to completion.”

Connecting with a bookkeeper and accountant from the beginning is one piece of advice she would give to a new business owner. “I recently hired a bookkeeper and she’s been invaluable.” Other advice she recommends is to “give yourself grace. You can’t learn everything at once and you’ll make mistakes along the way. Take every lesson learned to your next project and your skills and intuition will develop over time. Pace yourself and familiarize yourself with state and local business laws.”

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