After working in the fitness and wellness industry for 10 years, Anne Kristine Etherton felt a pressing need to fill the gap between clinical and community. Being a Registered Dietician, Certified Personal Trainer, Registered Yoga Teacher, with a Master of Science in Nutrition, she has the knowledge and experience to do just that.

She founded Nuleeu Nutrition and Wellness to give people a different option, away from the typical extremes associated with nutrition and fitness. Nuleeu Nutrition and Wellness is a concierge nutrition and wellness program that offers customized nutrition services through personal training, meal plans, corporate wellness, and more.

Her goal is to reach as many community members in need of proper nutrition and fitness advice as possible. Etherton states, “Everyone deserves to know how to eat a well-balanced diet and work out a way that supports them. I am extremely passionate about people getting correct information, having a program that meets their unique needs, and making all programs realistic, because a plan can look great on paper, but if you cannot maintain it, what is the point?”

They offer one-on-one and small group services ranging from nutrition consultation with a Registered Dietitian, personal partner training and meditation and mindfulness classes. Every program is designed and customized by a Registered Dietitian, Personal Trainer, Health Coach or Yoga Teacher. Whether it’s for people who like to cook or who work 12-hour shifts, they have a plan for everyone. They even offer after-hours and virtual appointments.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, they are continuing to see medical nutrition therapy patients, and virtual consultation is provided if insurance covers it, otherwise they are practicing safe in-person sessions.

Like most small businesses, Nuleeu’s biggest challenge currently is to gain exposure through a limited marketing budget. They have been doing everything from partnering with the City of Newport News One City Marathon as their training program partner, to developing new programs and conducting free nutrition, yoga and fitness classes every month.

Nuleeu Nutrition Owner Photo

“Tapping into the demand for more virtual offerings, we have launched a new program called Nuleeu in 12, a 12-week lifestyle change program,” Etheron said. “This program is completely virtual and provides the fundamental basis for lifestyles changes that last. Our aim is for participants to discover a healthy relationship with food, fitness and meditation to support their wellness journey. We will be enrolling a pilot group in early August 2020.”

This is also offered as part of their corporate wellness service options. Their approach is to offer a nutrition and wellness program designed to meet the goals of both employee and employer.

“Utilizing the expertise of several different wellness professionals, we have created a rounded program to cover a variety of wellness needs,” commented Etheron. “We are offering expert programs with nutrition, fitness, yoga, meditation, and more. Companies can either use a stock program or customize it to meet the specific goals and outcomes of the group. All programs are customized to individual needs through our nutrition and fitness portal and mobile app. Each participant tracks, manages and meets their own unique goals with the help of videos, templates, plans and resources. Our system provides the tools to increase accountability and compliance through interactive and interesting content.”

Their final words of advice to other business owners and entrepreneurs is, “Know what you don’t know, there are SO many things to know. Find people that know the answers, and utilize their expertise!” v
317 Great Bridge Blvd, Ste G, Chesapeake VA 23320