Written by Kylie Ross Sibert

Owner of Oasis Home Spaces, Shelly Outten, believes small business owners all have a lot in common. A typical day is jam-packed with to-dos and it’s hard to find time for yourself. You struggle to find balance and order in your life and strive for some calm and inner peace. For most people, they find this at home.

“We all need a little Oasis, a place we can find calm and inner peace,” Shelly says. “I help people let go of the clutter in their homes, maximize their storage, and reclaim their space.”

Ever since Shelly was nine years old, she dreamt of having a clean and beautiful home. Seeing her Grandma’s home at that age and how it was always perfect and beautiful influenced her to want to follow in her Grandma’s footsteps.

“As a kid I started drawing furniture designs and even had a little portfolio! I drew modern furniture. I’ve even seen some designs around today that resembled some of my drawings. I wish I still had that portfolio – ha!” Shelly recalled. “I was oddly interested in organization and cleaning. My best friend and I would have a sleepover and stay up all night straightening my Mom’s house. It was actually FUN to us! My mom never knew what she was going to wake up to.”

When asked how she got started, Shelly said, “My career started out in the corporate world but my true desire was to pursue interior design and help others with my passion for organizing. I’m so proud to say I am now a certified interior decorator and professional organizer and the owner of Oasis Home Spaces.” Another passion of Shelly’s is staging vacant homes for sale using her Home Staging Certification.

BeforeOasis Pantry After Photo

Her advice to others interested in starting their own business is to “research, network and market.” I’m at the stage now that I want to grow my business.” But like all small business owners, finding clients and customers can be challenging. Instagram is a platform Shelly uses to engage with the community and potential clients. She uses it to showcase her story boards, plans, process, and finished spaces.

“My greatest success is that I offer a design process, install, and set up on many projects which eliminates the need for several hands on one project,” Shelly commented. “What I mean by set up is actually organize clothes or pantry goods after installation, so the job is handled 100%.”

But in the end it all comes down to her passion, “to help you transform your space into your own oasis, declutter your home or stage a home that you are trying to sell.”

Owner: Shelly Outten
Oasis Home Spaces, LLC

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