Mother and son owners, Cecilia and Elijah Corujo try to stay true to their mission for Persnickety Crane Cafe – provide exceptional coffee and light faire in a family-friendly atmosphere. Whether you’re looking for a place to hang out with friends, a new spot for date night, or somewhere to make a special memory with the kids, Persnickety Crane Cafe is the place for you!

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Persnickety Crane Cafe customers inside

The Persnickety Crane Cafe offers an experience, not just a product. “Our business is unique in that it is designed with families in mind and its mission is to be extraordinary in every aspect of the business – mediocre is not here.

There is thoughtful care given to every element of our business, from our Third Wave Coffee offerings, eco-friendly serving ware, to fresh baked pastries, functional eating fruit bowls and our special events.”

For now they would like to grow their café to be able to host all types of events, and to set themselves apart to provide workshops of interest to the community and to foster community.

Owner Cecilia has big dreams. “I want to build 20+ businesses—all different sorts—that are focused on families. When we have established these 20+ companies, we want to use the profit to set up an Orphan Home for children from war-torn places like Iraq.”

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Persnickety Crane Cafe food bowl

This is my destiny and will be a legacy worth leaving. I am a mother of four. When my children were little, my husband and I struggled to have a place to go for date nights because we didn’t live near family and didn’t want to pay to leave our children with babysitters, unless it was really necessary. LOVE is spelled TIME and connections are created through intentional actions. At Persnickety Crane Cafe, we provide a venue that is designed for people to have these connections and balance in their life.”

Having traveled during her time serving in the military, Department of Defense and with church, she strives to bring the best of South America (fresh juices), Asia (amazing tea experiences) and Europe (coffee and pastries), to the 757 Hampton Roads area.

Some things that Cecilia has learned along the way that she would share with other dreamers-to-entrepreneurs, are: Believe in yourself—you can do it! Plan early and often—allowing yourself nearly twice the time and money you think you’ll need; you cannot over-plan or have too much $$. Also, remember your “why” and stay true to it, but also be fluid like a river, to flow with the customer’s desires.”

Persnickety Crane Cafe puppet show

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Persnickety Crane Cafe
Cecilia Corujo & Elijah Corujo (mother & son), Owners
209 Village Ave, Suite C, Yorktown, VA 23693
Ph: 757-775-2975
During the COVID 19 pandemic, please refer to their Facebook page, for their latest info on opening hours, curbside, delivery, etc.