Petit à Petit, a retail clothing store, sells luxury and designer intimate apparel for A-K cup sizes and includes bridal, maternity, sleep and loungewear, and men’s underwear. They also offer expert bra fittings and luxury concierge gift services.

Nicole Dortch opened Petit à Petit in 2020. After the departure of Victoria’s Secret from MacArthur Center, she recognized that she could bring a much-needed, high-quality intimate apparel store for A-K cups to Hampton Roads. Petit à Petit provides education, attentive and exceptional customer service, and an intimate environment with a personal touch in client relations.

With their US and UK brand partnerships, the largest size they carry is 46K. Also, their vast network allows them to create custom orders for larger cups and special occasions. Most department stores stop at a G or H cup, and bra fitting services are rare as many associates do not have the education or background in intimate apparel. This results in many women being sold and wearing the wrong size bras, creating unnecessary back, shoulder, and other painful issues to their bodies. With Nicole’s twenty years of experience in fashion and retail, Petit à Petit considers what they do art and science to ensure all customers are welcome.

Before opening the boutique, Nicole lived in Washington DC and New York. She worked for many well-known designer fashion brands and attended the Fashion Institute of Technology to pursue her dream of becoming an Intimate Apparel Designer. Her goal was to design exquisite lingerie, while also balancing full-time work in finance. In 2018, Nicole founded Madam CFO, Inc, a consulting firm specializing in Financial Management, Strategic Planning, and Forensic Analysis for individuals and small businesses.

After many years of working in the fashion and retail industry, Nicole wanted to combine her true passion and purpose into a magnificent brand – a full-service boutique, offering fashion-forward styles, bra fitting services, solutions for post-surgery and mastectomy, and luxury concierge. A trip to Paris solidified what Nicole wanted to do, finding inspiration in the French boutiques and luxury customer service. It was then when she decided to name her store Petit à Petit, meaning little by little in French.

Nicole has found tremendous success with Petit à Petit. She has plans to expand her current location and even launch a signature fragrance for the store in 2022. The boutique also makes sure to give back to their community by donating half of their t-shirt sales to local charities. Additionally, they have an intern program to help build professional portfolios with hands-on work and market experience.

When asked what advice Nicole would give to those starting a business, she replied, “Go for it! No matter how many times you fail, losses you face, or how long it takes you to start it, never stop believing in your dreams.”

Written by Abby Schiano

Petit à Petit Lingerie Boutique

Nicole Dortch


208 E. Main Street, Store 5, Norfolk, VA 23510

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